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The Southern Arizona Water Users Association (SAWUA) is comprised of 15 members, including the largest water providers in the Tucson region, wastewater reclamation entities, and agricultural water users. 

The Association coordinates in the development of effective water resource policy and planning in an effort to preserve and enhance the quality and quantity of the region's water resources.

SAWUA’s aim is to provide one voice from Southern Arizona on water legislation and issues. SAWUA has effectively protected and advanced water issues in the region. 

SAWUA is a voluntary nonprofit organized in 1999. Read More.


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The Southern Arizona Water Users Association (SAWUA) is at the forefront of achieving long-term water security in Southern Arizona. In partnership with area water professionals including: Pima Association of Governments (PAG), Cortaro-Marana Irrigation District, Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR), Central Arizona Water Conservation District, and the University of Arizona, SAWUA has embarked on a three year study with the US Bureau of Reclamation. The study aims to understand the balance of water uses and supplies within the Tucson Active Management Area (TAMA) and impact from climate change, infrastructure needs, and uncertainty about the future. View the LSCR Basin Fact Sheet and vist our Studies page for more information.


"The Colorado River is now in its 17th year of drought and is also overallocated. This overallocation means the Lower Basin states are promised more water than is actually available in an average year. Arizona water leaders, including CAP, have been working together..." Read More on the Protect Lake Mead website.


SAWUA members unanimously adopt a resolution advocating for the legal authority of individual water providers to leverage their renewable water resources, as they see most appropriate, to meet the current and future needs of their respective service areas. Click here to view the resolution.

Thank you for Joining us for the 2017 Current Arizona Water Issues in Southern Arizona Forum!

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