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The Southern Arizona Water Users Association (SAWUA) is comprised of 15 members, including the largest water providers in the Tucson region, wastewater reclamation entities, and agricultural water users. 

The Association coordinates in the development of effective water resource policy and planning in an effort to preserve and enhance the quality and quantity of the region's water resources.

SAWUA’s aim is to provide one voice from Southern Arizona on water legislation and issues. SAWUA has effectively protected and advanced water issues in the region. 

SAWUA is a voluntary nonprofit organized in 1999. Read More.


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Featured News and Updates

SAUWA's Water Policy Priorities

SAWUA has identified eight water policy priorites.

Arizona Water Policy: What Happens Next?

Thank you for joining us at our 2018 SAWUA Forum! Please visit the Forum section to view the presentation and image gallery.

Ride With Purpose Presents SAWUA with Appreciation Plaque

Ride With Purpose presented SAWUA with a plaque in appreciation of SAWUA's 10-years of support to this charitable organization... Read More...

Resolution Supporting Proactive Water Resource Management

SAWUA members adopt a resolution supporting proactive water resource management within the Tucson Active Management Area to ensure, to the maximum extent possible and to the benefit of TAMA, that existing USFs and GSFs remain operational up to their permitted capacity. Click here to view the resolution.

Resolution Advocating for Legal Rights to Renewable Water Supplies

SAWUA members adopt a resolution for the legal authority of individual water providers to leverage their renewable water resources, as they see most appropriate, to meet the current and future needs of their respective service areas. Click here to view the resolution.